Different…but in a good way.

What We Do

We are just as frustrated as you are about the state of marketing. 

Marketing as a practice is broken. Because many of today’s marketers rose to an expert level in a single marketing or branding discipline, they struggle with creating an overall growth strategy for a company. Without insight and discernment of WHAT to do, WHY it should be done, and WHETHER or not it is even possible with the resources available, this lack of vision and direction can pole-vault a company into a never-ending cycle of just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. To us, this is poor stewardship as it takes much longer to see traction, and robs a company of its mission.

It’s become standard practice to present a bunch of vanity metrics and pretty reports with fancy charts and graphs, giving the illusion that ” magic is happening.” But you’re likely left wondering, “Cool. But where are the results?!” The truth is that most marketers who produce those reports don’t even know what to do with them! Marketing should be a mix of art and science; only a few truly understand how to turn data into insights into strategies that produce results.

We do things differently as we are all about results-driven strategy. We’ve sat in the entrepreneur’s seat and created exponential growth by combining information with insightfulness. Our consultants act and think like a business partner who understands ROI and responsible stewardship of resources, both human and financial.

We understand our success is only as good as the value we create for our clients, but we’ll prove it through results.

Kevin Miller

Founder & Principal Consultant

About our Founder:

Kevin is a lifelong entrepreneur and intrapreneur. He has launched several start-ups and led growth-stage companies from the top seat and the C-suite. He now works alongside leadership teams to create growth and marketing strategies for scaling, struggling, or stagnant businesses. His background incorporates leadership in multiple industries, including textile manufacturing and design, medicine, real estate, finance, technology, e-commerce, and the creative arts. Before launching Popular Demand, Kevin was the Vice President of Marketing for C12, the largest network of Business Forums for Christian CEOs and business owners. He was responsible for global brand strategy, instructional design, event strategy, executive curriculum development, and strategic partnerships.

Kevin and his wife Beth, also a consultant, own a student travel company they run together and live in an Airstream, combining work and adventure, including a wide range of outdoor adventure activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and surfing.

Enneagram: 7
Working Genius: Invention and Discernment
Strength Finders: Strategic, Futuristic, Belief, Individualization, Ideation
DISC Profile: Influencing and Dominant, Persuader 

"In my professional experience on both the client and agency side of Fortune 500 brands, I have never experienced a process as efficient, impactful, and fruitful as the one Popular Demand orchestrated with us."

Debbie Mann - Succession Title