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Unlike many growth strategists or marketers, we will never believe we know more about your company, product, or industry than you do.

Our role is to help you unlock the messaging and brand positioning strategies that will result in sustainable growth and scale. We create highly personalized plans for each client, never recycling a template anyone can find with a simple Google search.  

Once we architect a strategy, we can connect your company with and activate external specialist partners if needed. We have relationships with a vast network of vetted individual contractors, partner companies, and firms who are experts in their specific focus and will successfully operate within the guidelines of the strategies we create. To keep things above board, we never accept any referral fees, commissions, or gifts in return for our recommendations, so our clients never feel we’re only placing them in the hands of the highest bidder. 

We believe in the 3Rs – Results matter. Relationships matter. Revenue matters.

Core Strategic Services


Brand and Marketing Strategy

We know that a brand or marketing strategy involves much more than a list of goals and some “Geez, I hope these work!” tactics to try. Our holistic approach evaluates the internal and external elements of your brand to execute a strategy that attracts and retains customers. We can help you clarify and refine your brand’s market position, reputation, visual identity, key messaging, and product-market fit, but only if that’s what you actually need. We guide you through the entire strategic development process and connect you with the right resources to help execute. Our proven methodology prevents unnecessary change and “random acts of marketing,” providing a roadmap for your organization to own and grow your brand. 

Sales Enablement Strategy

The behavior of buying decisions is changing. Your target customer is doing more research on their own before they ever pick up a phone or fill out a form. We can help by architecting a lead generation, sales enablement, and/or pipeline acceleration strategy to raise brand awareness, attract well-informed, qualified buyers, and nurture them through the buying process. By creating a system for you to curate and distribute value-add content and experiences such as ebooks, white papers, podcasts, research, tools, workshops, events, and videos, we can help you position your organization as a trusted authority and thought-leader in your industry or market that draws your customer in so you don’t have to chase them. 

Customer Experience Strategy

One of the most effective ways to gain trust and credibility with your customer is to make their life easier and provide real value. This includes how they buy from you. By architecting detailed customer experiences from the awareness phase to ongoing communication, we can help you discover and improve how you talk to, engage, and learn from your customers. 

Facilitated Workshops

Vision Alignment Workshop

The foundation of any effective strategy is top-down leadership alignment on the mission, vision, and values of the organization. We can help walk you through a process to develop, refine, or calibrate these crucial elements. Our alignment process goes several steps further by discovering and extracting the fundamental brand voice, core messaging, differentiation, and the dominant selling idea. This full-day session is designed to produce the cornerstones of your brand or organizational development strategy. 

Innovation Sequence Accelerator

There is supreme value in engaging a set of fresh eyes and minds when your company needs to invent or improve on your current products or offerings. Facilitated by innovation experts, this immersive and collaborative experience is designed to hit the fast-forward button on your company’s product or service development. Our consultants can help unlock the ideation and creativity within your team to create solutions your customers want and need, translating them into action plans. This 4-day process can be facilitated consecutively or in a modular approach and can be customized depending on client objectives.

We’ll help you scale. 

Mountain climbers rely on a vital piece of equipment to help them scale a rock face or traverse rough terrain. A piton is a small but resilient metal spike strategically placed along the climbing route to which climbers anchor themselves. When the climber needs to figure out their next moves, this simple device provides temporary support and stability.

Like a piton, Popular Demand consultants can help you pause, reassess, and plan the next steps your company needs to make to reach the next level. Once we help you with a strategic plan, our goal is that you unhook from our support and keep ascending. We’ll always be available should you need us again in the future, but our success depends on your ability to carry out a plan without remaining permanently attached to us.

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