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The Ax4 Strategy Development Process™

Popular Demand Strategy Group’s proven process for creating effective and results-driven strategies is sequential yet also based on a modular approach. After completing each phase, both PDSG and our client will reevaluate the scope and timeline of the next phase to determine what level of consultative services are actually required.


During this crucial discovery phase, we will begin to match your organizational goals to our initial evaluation of the brand position, perception, differentiators, opportunities, challenges, and availability of resources. This set of processes and exercises match behaviors and insights to overall brand and marketing objectives.


Once all insights and information have been assessed and aligned with the organization’s mission and vision, we will design a strategy deliverable that clearly outlines brand position, messaging, voice, and differentiation as well as the initiatives, projects, campaigns, and collateral required to match the overall strategic brand and marketing objectives. In this phase, we will determine the scope of activation required, a timeline for implementation, and identify milestones for achievement.


In this phase, we transition the strategy to implementation by developing primary KPIs and metrics that align with the strategic objectives and assign them to the functional roles in the organization. This will include matching goals and outcomes to the people or partners who will be responsible for the execution of each element of the brand and marketing strategy.


Once the activation phase is complete, we will determine the cadence and frequency of required check-ins to the progress of the strategy to provide advice and guidance as your team and partners begin to execute. There will inevitably be adjustments to the brand and marketing strategy as you encounter market, economic, or resource changes but we can help you navigate these scenarios on a fractional or as-needed basis.